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bad news. my dearest friend and biggest help and support around the site is gone due to some personal reasons. this means, right now i'm the only one who is sharing music 24/7. my internet connection is always stuffed up to the top of it, so i can't even browse this site without delays for up to 30 seconds, so slow my internet is because of all the mixes i'm uploading. on top of that, i'm seeding 25-30 files at the same time, and that gives you guys 40kb/s upload speed divided by 25-30 torrents = about 2 kb/s per torrent, promising to finish any smallest size mix in like 10-12 hours.

so as of right now, i have no help whatsoever keeping this site alive. so here are a few things i wanted you all to know:
  • we are looking for uploaders with good will to share and help this growing community and bring new mixes to this site
  • also we need seeders who can download mixes first thing and share them with everybody
please, understand, this site is made for you and for you only. if you do not participate in its life, it only leaves us bad feelings about all these bodymovements made for nothing. we had about 100 torrents posted here in 3 weeks. this says all. if you do not help out, it will soon turn into one of those dead sites with a dozen of active users, couple new mixes a week. and yeah... a few more weeks and me.... [slash]
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download → Sian - live at Heart (Miami) - 26-Feb-2016
Sian - live at Heart (Miami) - 26-Feb-2016
download → Ian Pooley - February 2016 Mix - February 2016
Ian Pooley - February 2016 Mix - February 2016
download → A. PAUL - TMS PODCAST 006 - 05-Feb-2016
A. PAUL - TMS PODCAST 006 - 05-Feb-2016