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thanks to all wishing happy bd to tribalmixes, we wish you back all great things and hope that you'll always stay wuth us. new server has been ordered, so within a week of so we will be moving to a better and faster place!! with the best and dastest premium bandwidth, so no delays whatsoever should be expected! more will be announced later on this topic. magic downloading marathon was extented to 36 hours run, 12 hours added up for the faulty beginning with no magic ratio rules promised, which have been enabled about 7 hours later than promised. so far it's been about 23 hours and we can see that over 40 users managed to get rid of their warnings, hope these lucky ones will keep it up from now. and please remember, this marathon is a once-a-year thing, so there will be no more chances... sorry. [slash]
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download → Misstress Barbara - live at Club4 (Barcelona) - 15-Oct-2015
Misstress Barbara - live at Club4 (Barcelona) - 15-Oct-2015
download → James Zabiela - MOSLDN 035 - 05-Nov-2015
James Zabiela - MOSLDN 035 - 05-Nov-2015
download → Groove Garden, Wah Wah Beach Bar (The BPM 2016, Mexico) - 11-Jan-2016
Groove Garden, etc - 11-Jan-2016