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as the latest poll has shown, about 86% of the community is using explorer or firefox to browse the website. we're glad to announce, that most of the javascript features have been reprogramed to support some different firefox page structure, and now [e]browser is fully accessible with mozilla firefox, all windows come up right and perfectly well. even better than ms explorer. :) also another newest feature added to [e]ntertainment list is now you can post your personal comments on any record in this list. this is intended to fulfill missing biographys, to consume your thoughts and feelings about djs or radios, etc. please feel free to initiate any plac[e]s in the entertainment browser. damn i lik[e] this [e]thing... hey, as an example of r[e]vi[e]ws, check out where this will take you... hardly unexpected. :) and little more to this, confirmational emails are now doublesent from postmaster@tribalmixes && tribalmixesdotcom@yahoo to make sure spam protectors choke and let mail through.. [slash]
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download → Krafty Kuts, Loadstar, Sigma, Martisau and Murkage Dave - live at Ministry Of Sound, London - 21-Jun-2014
Krafty Kuts, Loadstar, Sigma, etc - live at Ministry Of Sound, London - 21-Jun-2014
download → Hot Since 82 - Summer HotCast - July 2014
Hot Since 82 - Summer HotCast - July 2014