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Here today, gone tomorrow. A phrase truly befitting the modern club scene. Because the dance hit of today can quickly become the long forgotten melody of yesterday.
The name of the artist of the moment is permanently blasted on the radio, shown TV and omnipresent in every musically related magazine, in other words, simply everywhere. One starts to wonder: Where does this guy come from? How come I haven`t heard of him before? And first and foremost: Does he even know how to spin a record? All justified inquests, because this so called bre →» read more...
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Average Popularity: 7.74 (#320)
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download → PHM - 8dayCast 039 - January 2016
PHM - 8dayCast 039 - January 2016
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andhim - live at ROXY (Prague) - 04-Mar-2016
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Magdalena - Select Cuts - 04-Feb-2016