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Tino DeepBorn and rased in small country in Europe - Kosovo, Tino Deep's way in Electronic Music world was designated from his early beginings. For him it was very hard to reach sources from where it all started and from where he could learn, improve and create his own expression. But this was not enough to stop his pursuit and interest, it only meant that he had to work harder - and he did.

Spending all his free time on music soon he deviced his own style - Deep Progressive House. This was the first step in the story that will follow as the years pass same as one of the first steps that made a clear direction of his, now perennial, search, education and career in Eletronic Music world.

Soon Tino Deep's work and effort was noticed and he got the chance to participate in various radio shows and events and in the same time he became one of the most important names on the Electronic Music scene in Kosovo which took his name to the next level - out of the borders of his country. Shortly he started to organize different events where he played along with a lot of important DJ's, today his colleagues and mates, he was influenced by these artists and his own style got improved and modified but always variated beetwen Deep and Progressive House, always focusing on generating emotional atmospheres and feelings.

His mixes are well known for their sensitivity, rare and sophisticated noncommercial sounds.Nowadays he regularly plays on radio stations and shows such as :Pure Fm,Friskyradio, Insomnia Fm,Beattunes.com, Di.Fm. and has been featured with exclusive mixsets on almost every electronic music internet and FM radio stations.

Today his expression and name is well known and recognizable. He made his own brand and identification but the search never ends for Tino Deep. His emotion is growing every day, his education is never ending story and his footprints has been followed by many newcomer artists and DJ's same as his name got respected and his work was recognized by audience worlwide.

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