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Arthur Sense, Deep-l & Deepness, Ak, Cj Art, Matias Ricciardi - Esoteric Frequencies 3rd Anniversary On Tm Radio - Augus...not rated 12 17d 670.64 MB 34 320 12 tor
Arthur Sense - Insomniafm 5th Years Anniversary On Insomniafm - July 2014not rated 2 17d 151.29 MB 27 320 10 tor
Frangellico, Moshic, Chris Forter, Paul Hazendonk, Jj Grant, Arthur Sense, Matteo Monero, Tino Deep, John D, Bestami Tur...not rated 2 free 2.52 GB 21 128 8 tor
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Arthur Sense - Entity Of Underground 3rd Anniversary (2hrs Special) On Insomniafm - July 2014not rated 33d 287.66 MB 44 320 10 tor
Arthur Sense - Entity Of Underground [the First Two Years] 2011 - 2013not rated 3 free 4.08 GB 22 320 11 tor
Arthur Sense, Chris Fortier, Chris Gavin, Chris Liebing, Desyn Masiello, Jj Grant, Jordan Petrof, John D, Kairy, Avicii,...not rated 1 44d 8.32 GB 12 128 7 tor
Kairy - Indigo Snake 001 - 011 On Mcast - July 2014not rated 1 free 2.07 GB 27 192 14 tor
Arthur Sense, Ak - Esoteric Frequencies Vs Gravity 035: Soul Reaper (2hrs Special) On Tm Radio - July 2014not rated 1 free 286.03 MB 60 320 15 tor
Arthur Sense - Entity Of Underground 035: Thermopylae On Insomniafm - June 2014not rated 1 60d 132.35 MB 43 320 7 tor
Arthur Sense, Ak - Esoteric Frequencies Vs Gravity 034: Oldschool Sista (3hrs Live Special) On Tm Radio - June 2014not rated 4 64d 419.37 MB 49 320 7 tor
Stephen Thompson, Arthur Sense - Altruism 010 On Bgd Radio - June 2014not rated 2 74d 271.58 MB 43 320 3 tor
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Kairy, Arthur Sense - Indigo Snake 008 On Mcast - April 2014not rated 7 126d 214.13 MB 52 VBR 3 tor
Arthur Sense - Esoteric Frequencies 032 2hrs Live Special On Tm Radio - April 2014not rated 3 131d 288.71 MB 59 320 5 tor

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Arthur SenseArthur Sense aka Arthur Klyagin was born in the town of Bryansk, Russia. His passion for electronic dance music began long ago, in 1994. Hernan Cattaneo, John Digweed, Martin Garcia, Dave Seaman, Danny Howells, Jimmy Van M had a great impact on his music  taste formation. Underground sound was the standard that he defined for himself. Later he became interested in the origin of the musicians and gathered information about them.

His first djing experience took place in a small town in Russia to which he was thrown by the fate. The intelligent sound he preferred often did not correspond to the club format, and this made him organize private parties and create recordings just for connoisseurs and friends.

In the beginning of 2000, a real revolution in his vision of music  was made by Moshic Shlomi aka Argonaut, and later Kintar, Rex & Maindave. Ethnic, oriental, tribal, dark progressive sound of the waves of deep bass lines characteristic of it determined the further development of Arthur Sense as a dj/producer. At the present time his mixes can be heard on many radio stations such as Frisky Radio, InsomniaFM, PureFM, Eilo, TribalMixes and more others..

His first release Izgrejala EP as product of collaboration with Graham Lloris released on InsomniaFM Digital and many others remixes and ethnic mash-ups & bootlegs was supported by many known Djs/Producers like CJ Art, Deep-L & Deepness, AquAdro, Frangellico and many more. Currently a friendly relations with colleagues, producers, labels and friends from other cities and countries are being upheld, and this helps him be in the course of events and all new...that is what he tries to realize in his intellectual sound……
Deep, Dark, Mystical Progressive/Dark Tribal/Old School Non-Commercial Segment...

Arthur Sense (Russia)
Viva la Underground!

Homepage: http://www.undergroundbeats.org
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ArthurSense
Facebook Music Page: http://www.facebook.com/ArthurSense.Music
Soundcloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/arthursense
Mixcloud: http://www.mixcloud.com/ArthurSense
Insomniafm.com Page: http://www.insomniafm.com/artists/1810-arthur-sense.html
Tribalmixes.com Page: http://www.tm-radio.com/shows.php?id=199
Russian Resource: http://www.arthur-sense.promodj.ru

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