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Zombie Nation - Delicious Housetunes Winterworld Special (hitradio Msone) - 20-jan-2012not rated 1 976d 90.97 MB 8 VBR rsd tor
Zombie Nation - In Sessions (maxima Fm) - 15-jan-2012not rated 1013d 79.83 MB 14 VBR rsd tor
Zombie Nation - Sputnik Club - 06-nov-2011not rated 1083d 103.91 MB 10 VBR rsd tor
Laidback Luke, Zombie Nation & Sonic C - Triple J Mixup - 12-jun-2010not rated 1562d 228.18 MB 54 192 1 tor
Crookers, Jaytech, Zombie Nation & Bassweazal - Triple J Mixup - 31-oct-2009not rated 3 1816d 283.83 MB 45 VBR 1 tor

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Zombie NationZombie Nation came to life in 1999 when the first 12 inch record was released on DJ Hell's International Deejay Gigolo Records. Before Zombie Nation was born, the ZN mastermind Florian Senfter who also goes by the name John Starlight or Mr. Splank used to spend his time squatting abandoned factories to organise parties with his back then crew in Munich.

Creator of one the most remixed electronic songs ever. Senfter has travelled the world during the last 10 years. He is as at home playing intimate shows as huge festivals; developing a signature live Zombie sound. Recently Senfter as ZZT releasing the "Lower State of Consciousness" record - together with a banging remix by Justice on the flip side.09 brought the "Zombielicious" album. Marking the year as the anniversary of his first decade as a DJ and producer, to use Zombie Nation as a distillation of his trademark filthy bassline hooks and pounding synths. What is the ‘Nation today?

According to Senfter …"Zombie Sound - that means funky, dirty grooves between electro and house, bass-laden raw energy."

"After a decade of making such a seductive racket, Zombielicious marks a career peak which dazzles and grinds in equally exciting measure." BBC Music Review

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