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Ida EngbergBeing the resident Djane in Stockholm's legendary Cocktail Club Ida worked out the sophisticated style of her DJ Sets for years. "I play deep house, tech house, funky techno, some minimal and sometimes some electro. Everything that touches my soul basically. I'll always keep on playing underground electronic dance music.", she confesses.

Ida Engberg was born in a suburb of Stockholm. She moved around a little, lived in Marbella and in Ibiza for quite a while. Now she settled on an island right outside Stockholm called Lidingo.

There's one question of male fellows Ida has to face eversince she started selecting music: "How come you decided to become a DJ? - I mean since you are a girl and all???" The truth is Ida never really decided to become a DJ. It just happened as she reports: "My first boyfriend at the age of 14 was DJing and I thought it was really cool. He taught me how to mix a little bit but it wasn't until I was 18 that I started to play myself."

Her first gig was in a club that a friend of her was running. His ordinary resident was sick and Ida just happened to be there. "I said, 'I can play', he just looked at me and said something like 'Yeah right'. I can't believe I actually convinced him to let me play that night. It was great, I loved it!" A few weeks later Ida got asked to start playing in one of the biggest and most famous after-hours club in Stockholm called The Spy Bar. This was the beginning of her life as a DJ.

That was five years ago and a lot of things happened since then. Ida had the great opportunity to have played alongside DJs like Roger Sanches, Damian Lazarus, Jennifer Cardini, David West, John Dahlback, Jesper Dahlback, Sebastian Ingrosso, Eric Prydz, The Knife, Jo Mills, Joel Mull, Aril Brikha, Anja Shneider, Ozgur Can, Steve Lawler, Nic Fanctiulli and Misstress Barbara.

"At the moment I'm resident at my favourite club in the whole world called Cocktail Club. It's in the heart of Stockholm and everyone that loves great music and raving should pay a visit there!"


check out Ida @ her best::

DJ Ida Engberg Live HD

Ida Engberg @ Awakenings Festival - 25 June 2011

Ida Engberg @ Rockit Open Air 2011

Ida Engberg - Winter Music Conference Miami - WMC

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