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Va - Ah.fm - End Of Year Countdown 2014 - 2014not rated 94d 47.45 GB 15 320 1 tor
Markus Schulz, Sean Tyas B2b Simon Patterson, Arty, Xijaro, Nigra B2b Orla Feeney, Mr Pit, Khomah, Bryan Kearney - After...not rated 5 1043d 0.98 GB 25 192 rsd tor
Xijaro, Mark Eteson, Andy Castro & Many More - Eoyc 2011 - Day 1 - 18-dec-2011not rated 3 1197d 0.98 GB 16 192 rsd tor
Xijaro - Within The Realm Of 043 On Ah.fm - 14-jan-2012not rated 1 1198d 83.26 MB 16 192 rsd tor
Xijaro - Xijaro Megamixes [2006-2010] - 2011not rated 4 1456d 1.33 GB 31 192 rsd tor
Xijaro - Sunset Exitement 212 - January 2011not rated 1 1547d 116.57 MB 28 256 rsd tor
Xijaro - Sunset Exitement 211 - January 2011not rated 1 1550d 110.76 MB 23 256 rsd tor
Xijaro - Sunset Exitement 210 (end Of Year 2010 Megamix) - December 2010not rated 1 1562d 115.09 MB 29 256 rsd tor
Xijaro - Sunset Excitement 208 - 05-dec-2010not rated 1589d 80.25 MB 22 192 rsd tor
Xijaro - Sunset Excitement 207 - 07-dec-2010not rated 1589d 86.68 MB 17 192 rsd tor
Xijaro - Sunset Excitement 206 - 31-oct-2010not rated 1589d 166.93 MB 16 192 rsd tor
Xijaro - Sunset Excitement 205 - 10-oct-2010not rated 1589d 82.75 MB 17 192 rsd tor
Xijaro - Sunset Excitement 204 - 03-oct-2010not rated 1658d 82.45 MB 17 192 rsd tor
Xijaro - Sunset Excitement 186-203 - September 2010not rated 3 1675d 2.20 GB 17 192 rsd tor
Xijaro - Sunset Excitement 202 - 12-sep-2010not rated 2 1686d 81.32 MB 33 192 rsd tor
Xijaro - After Hours 4 Year Anniversary  Massive Celebration - 28-may-2010not rated 3 1794d 85.16 MB 34 192 rsd tor
Xijaro - Sunset Excitement 185 - 24-jan-2010not rated 1906d 179.36 MB 23 192 rsd tor
Xijaro - End Of Year Countdown Megamix - 2009not rated 1939d 86.82 MB 41 192 rsd tor
Linin ,  Xijaro ,  Ronski Speed ,  Andy Dugiud , Ferry Crosten , Sander Van Doorn , Matt Darey , Kyau & Albert And Lange...not rated 1944d 3.25 GB 40 VBR rsd tor
Xijaro - Sunset Excitement 183 - 13-dec-2009not rated 1955d 179.33 MB 29 192 rsd tor

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XiJaroAbout XiJaro

So who are we? XiJaro started in the summer of 2005 when we, three dutch friends, decided to team up and start taking DJ'ing to the next level. We had been friends for a few years and have always shared the same passion for trance music. We wanted to do more with it, so we started trying to do a bit of editing and mixing on the computer.

After a few years one of us decided to buy his first set of turntables. Loving spinning vinyl on this set, the other two bought their set shortly after. We practiced a lot and struggled with getting enough money to buy the records.
Wanting to do more with music than just spinning, XDR started to create mashups (two or more tracks mashed into one). His mashups were received well by people who listened to them. He got invited by a DJ to do a guestmix in his online radio show. That went very well and he was given the opportunity to get his own radio show. XDR didn't think he was ready to do a weekly show yet, so he decided to wait for a while.

This is when we teamed up and created XiJaro. We got that radio show on Party107 and it has been running successfully for several months now. Recently we were asked by ETN to do a show on their station for the new ETN3 variety channel. Without hesitation we took this opportunity and now we host 2 shows every week.

So what's next? We plan to continue doing our radio shows for as long as we can. We hope to spin for crowds some day and we would love to create our own tunes.
We currently host three radio shows.

First one is called Sunset Excitement, a 2 hour show which gets broadcasted each Tuesday on SenseGenerate.FM and every Saturday on ETN.FM

Second is called Sunset Excitement Live, a 2-4 hour live radio show, that gets broadcasted every Sunday on Party107.com.

Our third radio show is named Experiminds and is a one hour show that gets broadcasted every 2nd & 4th Saturday of the month on AfterHours.FM.

Sunset Excitement on SenseGenerate.FM: Tuesdays, 23:00h-01:00h CET (GMT+1)
Sunset Excitement on ETN.FM: Saturdays, 21:00h-23:00h CET (GMT+1)
Sunset Excitement Live on Party107.com: Sundays, 19:00h-21:00h/23:00h CET (GMT+1)
Experiminds on AfterHours.FM: Every 2nd & 4th Saturday, 18:00h-19:00h CET (GMT+1)


Aalto vs. Gabriel & Dresden feat. Molly - Tracking 5 Down (XiJaro Mashup)
Armin & M.I.K.E. vs. Junkie XL & Don Davis - Pounding On Pills (XiJaro Mashup)
Armin & M.I.K.E. vs. Roland Klinkenberg - Intrusion Point (XiJaro Mashup)
Armin van Buuren feat. Mic Burns vs. TiŽsto - Lethal State (XiJaro Mashup)
Bakke & Ljungqvist vs. Andain - Fanatic Things (XiJaro Mashup) [played by Bobina]
Bobina vs. Solid Globe feat. Niyaz - Dilruba Trance For Sahara Cowboys (XiJaro Mashup)
Britney Spears vs. Lolo - Someday I Will Understand Why (XiJaro Mashup)
Chicane vs. Synergy feat. Yilmaz, Starkid & Justine Suissa - Autumn Strings (XiJaro's Eighty Crayons Intro Mashup)
Deep Dish vs. Perry O'Neil - Say Switched (XiJaro Mashup)
Deepsky feat. Jes vs. Roland Klinkenberg - Bounce Like A Stranger (XiJaro Mashup)
Drax & Scott Mac vs. Kyau & Albert - Must Have Been Falling Anywhere (XiJaro Mashup)
E-Tronic vs. Holden & Thompson - Returning To The Glasshouse With Nothing (XiJaro Mashup)
Gabriel & Dresden vs. Dominic Plaza - Arcadia Rushing (XiJaro Mashup)
Hammer & Bennett vs. Akihiko Matsumoto & DJ Yoshi - Language Of Dreams (XiJaro Mashup)
Hiver & Hammer vs. Solarstone & Jes - Fusing Like A Waterfall (XiJaro Fusion)
Humate vs. Above & Beyond with Andy Moor - Air For Life (XiJaro's 3.2 Intro Mashup)
iiO vs. Infusion - At The End Of The Legacy (XiJaro Mashup)
Junkie XL vs. Robert Nickson - Honey Spiral (XiJaro Intro Mashup)
Kyau & Albert vs. Jonas Steur - Made Of Waves (XiJaro Mashup)
Lili Haydn vs. Mike Foyle - (I Would Do) Anything For A Love Theme (XiJaro Mashup)
Marcel Woods & Jesselyn vs. Marco V - Flora Godd (XiJaro Mashup)
Mark Otten vs. Solar Stone - Seven So Serene Cities (XiJaro Mashup)
Mojado vs. Dark Alliance - El Toro Genťtico (XiJaro's Genetic Manipulation)
Oakenfold vs. Stenna - Southern Skyline (XiJaro Mashup)
Origene vs. Starsign - Sanctuary Of Taurus (XiJaro Mashup)
Perasma vs. PQM feat. Chronic - Swing 2 The Edge (XiJaro Mashup)
Perasma vs. Roland Klinkenberg - Swing-O-Matic (XiJaro Mashup)
Perasma vs. TiŽsto - Swing 2 Nyana (XiJaro Mashup)
Santiago NiŮo vs. Max Graham - Believe In Mirage (XiJaro Mashup)
Super8 + DJ Tab vs. Scott Mac - Helsinki Damagin' (XiJaro Mashup)
Synergy vs. Deepsky feat. Jes - Hello Ghost (XiJaro Mashup)
Synergy vs. Yilmaz Altanhan - Hello Eighties (XiJaro Mashup)
The Cranberries vs. Whiteroom - The Shattered Whiteroom (XiJaro Intro Mashup) [played by Adam White]
The Drill Hookers - Breathing Drill (XiJaro Mashup)
TiŽsto feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw vs. Mike Foyle - Cloud Theme Dusk (XiJaro Mashup)
TiŽsto vs. Age Of Love - The Flight Of Love (XiJaro Mashup)


Epos - Vivagio (Club Mix | XiJaro Intro Edit)
Filo & Peri feat. Kathleen Fisher - Closer Now (Whiteroom Remix | XiJaro Extended Edit)
Gabriel & Dresden feat. Molly Bancroft - Tracking Treasure Down (Original Club Mix | XiJaro Intro Edit)
Overlord - My Mind (XiJaro Mixable Edit)
Six Senses - Inner Thoughts (Peter Safranyos Remix) with Ridgewalkers - Find (Acapella)
The Cranberries - Shattered (Arctic Quest Remix | XiJaro Intro Edit)
Way Out West - Killa (Orkidea Remix | XiJaro Intro Edit)
Whiteroom vs. Young Parisians - The Whiteroom (Scott Bond's 'Jump The Next Train' Intro Mix | XDR's Mixable Edit) [played by Paul van Dyk]
William Orbit - Barber's Adagio For Strings (Ferry Corsten Remix | XiJaro Extended Edit)

http://www.party107.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=87 for tracklists

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