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Hans Tavera @ Afterhours 99.1 Fm - 19-jul-20 - 18-jul-2006not rated 2 3226d 99.05 MB 73 192 rsd tor
Hans Tavera - Afterhours Radio Show 99.1 Fm - 09-jul-2011not rated 1362d 131.29 MB 5 320 rsd tor
Hans Tavera - Afterhours Radio Show 99.1 Fm - 13-aug-2011not rated 1363d 87.08 MB 7 320 rsd tor
Hans Tavera - Mixing For Killing Beats Dot Com 2nd Anniversary - 24-oct-2009not rated 2025d 138.29 MB 38 320 rsd tor
Hans Tavera With Guests Umek, Silicone Soul, Darin Epsilon, Miss Nine, Augusto Siles Etc - Afterhours Radioshow On 99.1 ...not rated 2075d 1.80 GB 16 192 rsd tor
Hans Tavera With Guests Leigh Morgan, Augusto Siles, Steve Ferrand Etc - Afterhours Radioshow On 99.1 Fm (peru) April - ...not rated 2075d 1.56 GB 10 192 rsd tor
Hans Tavera And Guests Satoshi Tomiie, Augusto Siles, Leigh Morgan, Christian Fisher Etc - Afterhours Radioshow On 99.1 ...not rated 1 2077d 1.31 GB 15 192 rsd tor
Hans Tavera With Guests Moshic, Miss Nine, Christian Smith, D.o.n.s., Andres Dyer, Dj Tim, Kike Mayor, Augusto Siles, Ro...not rated 2082d 1.55 GB 17 192 rsd tor
Python & Hans Tavera - Wild Nature @ Frisky Radio - 12-jun-2007not rated 1 2898d 165.67 MB 35 192 rsd tor
Tarkan, Marwan El Swaisy, Hans Tavera - Pharaohs Used To Rave X-mas Special On Tribalmixes Radio - 25-dec-2006not rated 8 3071d 237.55 MB 157 rsd tor
Gabe De Wielen, Hans Tavera - Frozen Spirits 031 On Party107 17-oct-2006not rated 4 3138d 141.98 MB 38 rsd tor
Fiberlineaudio Pres. Grigory And Anthony (russia) Hosted By Hans Tavera - 30-sept-2006not rated 3 3143d 82.63 MB 25 rsd tor
Hans Tavera - Afterhours 09-sept-2006not rated 8 3173d 86.68 MB 141 rsd tor
Hans Tavera@adn Radio, Lima Live Sessions 06-may-2006not rated 5 3237d 79.87 MB 38 rsd tor
Hans Tavera Cloud Nine Mix Sessions @ Frisky Radio (march 2006)not rated 5 3274d 52.18 MB 41 rsd tor
Marwan El Swaisy And Hans Tavera - Pharaohs Used To Rave - Tribalmixes Radio - 06-nov-2006not rated 13 3119d 146.66 MB 101 rsd tor
Fiberline Pres. Silent Brothers Hosted By Hans Tavera - Adn Alternative Radio - 23-sept-2006not rated 1 3154d 84.92 MB 50 rsd tor
Hans Tavera @ Frisky Radio Sanctuary Show 13.03.06not rated 5 3268d 57.11 MB 25 rsd tor
D-phrag@radio Double Nueve - Afterhours With Hans Tavera - August 2006not rated 4 3164d 87.32 MB 75 rsd tor
Hans Tavera @ Adn Alternative Radio - Lima Live Sessions - 13-may-2006not rated 11 3245d 80.67 MB 41 rsd tor

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Hans Tavera from Lima - Peru, has only 20 years old. A young guy of adventurous spirit has been in the world of the music since he was a small child. His skills would soon have him cover different musical instruments as the saxophone, instruments of percussion, the piano and the guitar. He focused his interest and talent on different rhythms and musical expressions, but the Jazz would be the one that would finally mark an important phase for his future development. Not satisfied with what he had discovered and learned about music, and after having experienced an important time listening musical styles like Dance, House, Trance, D&B and others, he managed to play for a Spanish radio station in 2003, discovering the Hard-tech style and that's how he could know more about Techno.

2004 would be a very important year for his musical adventure that was just starting in the media, making his way with House and Tribal, playing for some well-known places in Lima - Peru besides sharing cabin with some local DJS, combining a little Deep House and Tech as well.

In 2005 he was a little more established with music and in February, of the same year, he got a place on the first Radio station of Toronto - Canada, called Club246 Radio Network, being the only South American Resident DJ among other Resident DJS of several parts of the world like Egypt, USA, France, Italy, and UK. There were very good djs like John Digweed, Armin Van Burren, Roger Sanchez and Carl Cox. This stage would serve him well to define his own style, full of traveling sounds, melodic, electros, funky, progressive, and tech. As you can see, Hans is always concerned about having something innovating in his sets.

During his stay in Club246, he took his career to a step further, becoming part of Chinradio 100.7 Fm, in Canada, having his sets with Sasha Savic (Dj, Producer&Remixer from Club246), once in a month, on his Thursday´s show, as a Guest DJ.

His talent and experience has taken him to share booth with local DJS, and international DJS like Wally López, Dj Bruno and Shawn Rudnick.

On June of 2005, he made a trip to Argentina, invited by Ricky Ryan, where he played in some popular places of Buenos Aires and in a music festival, in the city of Baradero, sharing cabin with local DJS. There, he could share booth with Carlos Ruiz, a nominated DJ by Tiesto and one of the best exponents of Techno in Argentina, finishing his performance in San Pedro.

During his stay in Argentina, Sasha Savic asked him to join A2p Records, an agency of Bookings. Then, by David Omar, president of Fiberlineaudio (USA), Hans became part of A&R Executive Peru.

He started September with a new style, Electro-Funky-tech under the influence of artists such as Desyn Masiello, Luke Fair, Ricky Ryan, John Digweed, 16 bit Lolitas and Kosmas Epsilon, releasing his new demo on a radio station in Lima. Also qualified as one of the best sets for many important DJS.

Traveling again, but this time to Brazil, from November to January 2006, he played on clubs and on a festival with local Djs, having a really good time for his professional career.

February, 2006, working hard, he received the confirmation to be on Frisky Radio, for the beginning of March, invited by Jack Triumph from San Francisco - CA, and a second invitation by Adrian Ravelo, to be on the same radio on Cloud 9 Mix Session for the end of month. For these months we will do a tour around Southamerica.

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