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A little bit (as always :)) late, but Happy Birthday Tribalmixes! Thanks for the wonderful site Slash, and mentioning me also. I wish I would be a quiet (actually I'm quite extrovert :D), it's just the lack of time lately. I wish TM another 10 (or maybe more) nice years, it feels really good to be part of such a site. 
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{quoted:khalez} What about trying to connect directly, without using a router? If it's still in "not connectable" status then maybe some software you installed lately affects connectivity. 
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posted 12.1y ago in uTorrent says "HTTP error 400"
{quoted:Citizen} add utorrent to the exception list of imon. or simply update to nod32 v3 
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posted 12.5y ago in RADIO AND TRACKER CLOCK
Actually it's 10 minute ahead. If you check the link you can see the radio clock in the upper-right corner. Some lines lower the page mentions that all times are GMT, so imho it's ok (check link for the current GMT time). I'll correct that 10 minutes ahead thing as soon as no scheduled shows will air. 
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posted 12.6y ago in Monitoring your home network
what about installing a vnc server on his pc? there are a lot of monitoring stuff, but most of them can be easily tricked, and they are caught by antivirus software, tightvnc (for ex.) is free, and it's not recognized as spyware/malware. 
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{quoted:mades} Maybe you'd see this from a different point of view if you were a member for (let's say) more than 1.5 years. In the past, mistakes were NOT counted, that was the time when power users started flooding the site - uploading EVERYTHING they got... Old sets, already uploaded sets, etc... not to mention the dating issues, not seeded torrents... that's when we started counting the mistakes. If you think a little about this then you should realize it's for the good of users... If power users have only one chance (and if they're really interested in uploading), then maybe they'll spend that 2-3 minutes checking the e-browser... Or is it that hard checking if something is already uploaded? Or checking if it's commercial? Btw, on "forgiveness"/second chance... If you'd show forgiveness for anyone, then others would come too, and ask for your forgiveness also. That wouldn't be a problem, but after some time everyone would count on your forgiveness... and the results? Doubled sets, commercial stuff, etc.. Maybe you misunderstood something, it's not about making power users fear of uploading... it's all about trying to maintain the quality of uploaded sets... 
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{quoted:Kamengo} You're seeding, and your client waits for connections, but others are unable to connect to you. (so you won't be able to upload too much until you solve the not connectable problem) 
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posted 12.6y ago in == ABOUT HELPING THE RATIO's ==
{quoted:Kakens} Depends on your client. In utorrent it's CTRL+O 
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posted 12.6y ago in uTorrent says "HTTP error 400"
i've sent you a pm. 
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posted 12.7y ago in == ABOUT HELPING THE RATIO's ==
{quoted:marciofaria} You got the awards (upload credit) for your immortal points, you just have to use it.... Check this, they are all unused: {quote} 

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It was an exceptional party :) Unfortunately this one is only one hour long, although it's better than nothing. Thanks! 
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Amazing! Can't stop listening to it :) 
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awesome... simply awesome :) 
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i missed his set, so it's great to listen to it now :) 
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moment, and I'll add these to the description. 
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{quoted:Laszlo} hopefully there'll be... DTD used to record sets... :) 
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maybe i'm wrong, but it's strange someone registers for just ONE comment, and not downloading anything... 
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{quoted:bidona} sorry, i've corrected 
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that's the "James Zabiela - Ultra Fest Radio - 13-oct-2006" set, that's why i haven't posted it 8) 

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