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Upon attempting to add a .torrent file from Tribal Mixes to the client I use, the downward arrow lights up red, and the 'Trackers' tab displays the "" entry, with the 'Status': "The connection with the server was reset". Is the above a consequential penalty for hit-and-run violation(s)? 
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Hello fellow Tribal Mixes members, and moderators / admins. I confess to have committed a rookie mistake after registering for an account: not having read the Rules post account creation and prior to downloading any content. Is it not until discerning the message notification under my username, that I realised, I am guilty of hit-and-runs. Thankfully, "My Downloads" section discloses the data I benefitted, but did not upload to fulfill the mandatory requirement. I am ashamed of my selfishness. I would like to know, if I procure a .torrent file from "My Downloads" section and consequently point it to the location of the previously downloaded corresponding content, initiate a seeding process? If so, I promise, I will continue to seed for more than 12 hours. If the above action will not yield the desired result, considering I have an insignificant tally of points and no awards, is donation my only means of atonement? Could I make a plea to be granted one download, which subsequently, I WILL upload / seed beyond the decreed 12 hours? I reckon, the inability to download the content/s of a .torrent file from here, stems from my original neglect / violation; I attempted adding a file to the Bittorrent client I use, however, the downward arrow lights up red, and the Trackers tab displays the "" entry, with the Status: "The connection with the server was reset". 

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oldskoollightning tribalmixr wrote 4 days ago
Hi edmLAD
I don't think Hit n Runs are counted anymore.  The system may keep track of them but it doesn't really mean anything.  This issue blew over about a year ago.