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Crowd noise? 
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ThX 2 the uploader :-). "Deep" mix tape yet with superficial track titles which suggests whomever entitled them wasn't thinking particularly profoundly (deeply). No need to think deeply when a person can just pass up the chance to learn by exclaiming "deity knows". 1) Kormak - Love On The Line (Extended Mix) 2) Freiboitar - Dog Pack (Original Mix) 3) Harry Romero & Kansept Feat. Mr. V - Believe (Extended Mix) 4) Manuel De La Mare - Freak (Freaky Mix) 5) Soul Divide - Good Vibration (Original Mix) 6) Oliver Dollar & Nils Ohrmann - Johnís Church 7) Adelphi Music Factory - Javelin (Calling Out Your Name) 8) Freiboitar - Gold Digger (Original Mix) 9) Sllash & Doppe - Aguella 10) ID - House Some More 10)Kinnerman - Gimme Something 11) Verboten Berlin - If i Give It To You ft. Running Touch (Tube & Berger Remix) 
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Thanks. Well Dance music should sleep as a good nights sleep keeps the brain healthy ;-)
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Thanks. One of the track titles nicely sums up the information regarding all the other track titles on this mix . 'R‹F‹S DU SOL - Lost In My Mind'. Every sound on this mix has been produced using electronics, including computers. Yet this complex evidence based system (sound synthesis) is just another way humans (Dj's etc) like to share their delusions. The profundity is in the sound of the music, though this has been lost by many Dj's and producers if the track titles are having to go by.e.g. George Fitzgerald - The Echo Forgets (DJ Tennis Remix).... ? WTF?. 
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sounds good. ThX 
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Nice wholesome music. Track titles ahve little relevancy to the actual sound or what music is in general,but nice tracks. 
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added 3m 4w ago on Pete Tong - The Essential..
"the world famous" Ya for chatting over the music ;-0. 
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"Mad world" ?Ok some of the human population are ......erm....?psychologically interesting and some may need help ( as in from people whom want to genuinely improve peoples psychological issues) , but Planet Earth is astounding in all it's complexity. It's a shame some of those whom are in positions of leadership can't appreciate and respect this fact. Power can attract sociopaths!. 
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Sounds Good. "free your mind". Children,on average have very free minds (imagination). It takes practice to have a focused mind. Science isn't merely people working in labs wearing white uniforms. The scientific method is a a way to organize and focus thoughts, in so that they are more likely representative ( a close model) of reality ( to some degree or another). Imagination can take the mind anywhere, including delusions, some nice, some not so nice or healthy for the individual. Free your curiosity and ask questions. And ask what's the best way to find reliable answers to those questions. 
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Solid mix. 

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Hi, I don't think there is a effective way to search for only mixes with no crowd noise. E.g . Even the "Dj Master quality" search tag shows results that have "live" in the title. Some of which have crowd noise and some which don't. Adding a "crowd noise" tag to uploads and then having a "no crowd noise" search tag would be a good way to implement this?. 
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{quoted:IB1} {quoted:IB1} That "state of rest" is only temporary (chill-out/relaxing time) as the human nervous system motivates the individual to do the usual day to day activities that are successful evolutionary strategies for survival.e.g. Eat,drink,learn, etc. 
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edit "more slower method of absorbing the active ingredients in cannabis into the blood stream". Can't see a edit button!, 
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Hi Slash, The decarboxylator looks good for home use. Personally I use two methods for cannabis. I occasionally use a portable vaporizer which provides an almost immediate effect or I make my own chocolate edibles where the full effect takes between 1/2 to 1 hour dependent on speed of digestion. If edibles are made correctly there is no physiological reason why they won't "work" as it's simply a more lower method of absorbing the active ingredients in cannabis into the blood stream thus nervous system. I'm sure your aware that the critical cooking method to make raw cannabis effective as a edible is heat and fat (inc the fats found in coconut oil etc). I simply grind up some weed in a coffee grinder and then add it to some melted dark chocolate (high fat content) and simmer for at least 1/2 hour. The simmering process needs to be regulated so that the chocolate dosn't boil. A easy way to do this is to place a glass bowl over a pan of steaming water ( just off of the boil) and melt the chocolate in the bowl and then add the ground up weed. Works like a treat :-). Plus once you get the quantities right you can take handy sized chocolate bars that will give a effect that builds slowly and lasts longer than smoking/vaping as the body digests the chocolate etc. Also handy for micro-dosing when just a slight effect is required. As a side recommendation for anyone whom is interested in using cannabis or psilocybin, found in certain mushrooms, is to take a break at regular intervals from using them. Cannabis and psilocybin are not particularly physiologically addictive (i.e. There enjoyable when used sensibly though any substance can be over used and abused). Taking a break (e.g. at least a 24 hours or more) prevents the body from building up high levels of tolerance to the drug. Thus avoids the pleasure seeking behavior of taking more substance in order to try and match the last high (e.g. psychological addiction). Of course any drug works by directly interacting with the bodies biological systems. And whilst the effects of cannabis can be very broad they are nothing more than changes of chemistry. Changes of chemistry in the brain and central nervous system that are outside of the "normal" experiences of people can cause a vast array of psychological effects due to the alternated state of perception. People whom are already prone to a religious view may perceive even more grand delusions. People whom may already have a comparably strong underlying psychological fear may become more anxious,people whom are already feeling comparably emotional stable and are in a safe environment may feel strong feelings of euphoria and love towards other loving humans. Essentially cannabis won't/can't change what you are beyond any biological limit ( a homo sapien not a angel or "spiritual leader" that ironically needs to eat,drink and shit like the rest of us :-) ). Cannabis can/does change your perception and that perception will only be able to relate to the information that is already stored in the brain and take in information (hearing,sight,touch,smell etc) from the environment. Understanding this provides the user with a broad scope to manage their experiences and tailor them to their own needs. However, biology works by highly regulated feed back systems. Thus eventually the cannabis experience will reduce ("coming down") as the brain/nervous system etc finds it's optimal state of equilibrium (a state of rest or balance due to the equal action of opposing forces.). Just thought I'd mention this as I'm confident your average (a statistical average/mean) cannabis users may find it useful IF they are not already indoctrinated into any of the myriads of belief systems that repress the act of " Asking questions???????". Does god exist? is merely a hypothesis that any free thinker shouldn't fear to ask ( even secretly/privately in there own heads). The answer is, that depends what the word "god" means to the individual. Personally though I prefer my god to be Music :-). Music is my answer :-)
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Hi, A quick brief summary of me. Male (average height and looks bla bla bla) Because I am over 40 years of age I've been listening to music before,during and after the periods where electronic ( sound synthesis) music became a "thing" largely due to the technology (synthesizers etc) that enabled it's production. Though the actual sounds in electronic music production have changed to some degree, due mainly to the development of new methods to synthesize audio and home computers (home music studios), the actual subjective messages ( personal ideologies) that artists try to imprint on that music remains largely non evidenced based rhetoric or music of a personal subjective perspective ( E.g- I like girls music!, etc etc etc). Whilst I understand that to some degree the teenage market highly influences the narratives expressed in the "pop" culture of music , I prefer music with a little more objective substance (having grown out of the highly charged (hormones) teenage emotional stage of the human life cycle) To be more clear, traditionally, subjective refers to the "self" . Our own individual characters. Whilst objective refers to the....well.... object that is your "self". The body, the brain etc and any other "non self" "thing" .e.g the planet,the table,the ecosystem in which we all live etc etc etc. So objective collected evidence is the realm of science. And it is this information which has traditionally been overlooked by the main stream pop culture ( which in the context of music produced using electronics (a scientific discovery) is very ironic). So that should clarify a few criteria so that readers may comprehend (or not) what I am asking for when I write Can someone please post some links to some Tribalmixes mixes and/or some alternative websites, that feature electronic music that is genuinely of a high quality (comparably high rhythmical content and evidenced based lyrics (if lyrics are included) then the rest of the subjective "noise" (I.E-No opinion, personal feelings, politics, personal beliefs, movie lyrics, men talking in deep voices saying stupid stuff bla bla). Ideally music with a solid Dance "vibe" ( frequency ) with some educational (science based) lyrics if any. Sometimes it can make things clearer to be sure of what you don't what to hear. Thus no f----g tracks with the opinions of political fools like trump, no tracks with some person vaguely chatting in the background at a level where you can't quite hear what is being said, no tracks with people expressing how their beloved deity is going to do whatever it is beloved deities are supposed to be doing, no tracks with short language clips from movies that really don't have much context within the music, no political speeches. Just good quality music that makes me feel like Dancing or relaxing or reflective thinking ( Not indoctrinated thinking)' e.g - Crap Title - Dj Silence - My faith is as big as my erection ( won't last long mix) Good title - Dj Moving - Natural selection ( 4 billion years and counting mix) Appreciate :-) 
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posted 1.6y ago in Electro Chemical Robots
Thanks :-). And thanks for Tribalmixes and the sharing of music. The next track I'm producing should sound more techno and further develop the Electro-chemical-evolutionary feel/vibe/rhythm. If we ( we as in music producers,Dj's etc) could have more understanding of the physical process of sound production, I'm sure that would help progress electronically produced music towards something more intelligently significant. A good place to start (as it's brilliantly complex) is thinking how a standard speaker (inc headphones etc) producers the sound (Electro-Magnetically). And how our ears convert this vibration of Air molecules into an electro-chemical signal that our brains recognize as music (or noise if the sound lacks sufficient structure) 
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posted 1.6y ago in Electro Chemical Robots
Hi, Check out my latest track 'Electro Chemical Robots' on bandcamp.It's a progressive trance/house 120 bpm dance track. 
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I like dance music. Though that's a huge range of musical styles,most of the tracks I listen to have usually been produced electronically (deep-house, Tech-house, Progressive, Tribal , ambient , glitchy sounds. Anything that carries are good feeling of movement and just doesn't repeat for 6 minutes) I particularly like tracks that have no lyrics ( lyrics based on evidence are cool - rare in EDM as many people seem to want no evidenced based narratives as it's simple to just believe rather than understand :rip: ). The kind of music I'd really like to hear is a live fusion between percussive instruments and synthesisers, as then you have the more fluid rhythms that good percussionists can play and the innovative sound of synthesisers. And of course this would be in a community of people whom were there to share their love of the music and dance :lovers: with one another. Maybe someday if the species (in general) ever get over their self inflicted problems and learn to stop beating one another over the head :wall: (physically/psychologically) 
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posted 2y ago in Drugs!
"I tried some... in my youth... they are bad" What's "bad" about drugs is abusing them. I'll take a guess that you still take alcohol, yet like society in general, have conformed to the common view of not really categorising alcohol as a drug. And of coarse it is. Arguably the most damaging drug to many peoples lives, possibly due to the sheer amount of people whom use it in excess. Psychologically alcohol maybe comparably rather "bad" as it disrupts/decreases the users self awareness (The alcoholic haze) and of coarse can course impotence and damage to vital organs if abused. However, if used sensibly alcohol can be used as a pleasant recreational drug. Personally I prefer cannabis (eaten mostly). Like all drugs with psychoactive ingredients it changes your consciousness. Some enjoy this whilst others may not. 
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posted 2.2y ago in Drugs!
Yep many people use cannabis for medical reasons. 
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