Usualsuspectbro - Live @ Victor's Birthday Party - 10-Sep-2011

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01.Sasha - Cut me down (Usualsuspectbro remix)
02.Kaiserdisco - Ondina (Original Mix)
03.Butch - Earth (Remix)
04.Shlomi Aber - Create Balance (Remix)
05.Mathias - The Drummer (Original Mix)
06.Emma - Stop The Pressure (Original Mix)
07.Umek - Overdose  (Original Mix)
08.Mihai Popoviciu - Central Hk (Original Mix)
09.Carlo Lio - Dorbo (Original Mix)
10.David Pher - Guiterra Sin Cuerdas (Remix)
11.Paul Harris & Alex Tepper - Mumbo Gumbo (Remix)
12.Joris Voorn - Incident (Miyagi) (Original Mix)
13.Namito - V (Remix)
14.Pan-Pot - Captain My Captain (Remix)
15.Alessandro Diga - Hondenweer (Original Mix)
16.Secret Cinema ft Ramon Tapia - Crystal System (Original Mix)
17.Sharam J - Shake Your (Remix)
18.Depeche Mode - In Chains (Remix)
19.Mike Vale - Pretty Woman (Original Mix)

enjoy the set from my boy's 2nd bday party :)
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Comments. From Tribalmixes Community..

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slash ProDanceCulture wrote on October 11th, 2011
2 years old already... time flies.. =)

happy bd to your boy. i will def check out this mix, when i get home.

thanks for sharing it!
slash ProDanceCulture wrote on October 11th, 2011
gonna bookmark it not to forget to download. =)
moocowdanstar Moderator wrote on October 11th, 2011
I like what you have done to the first track, very tasteful!

sprstarvip technician! wrote on October 11th, 2011
thank you guyz  :kissing2: