VA - Trance For Life-2006 Mixed by Hisham Zahran, Sunnteck and Rinspeed-3CD

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CD 1 Hisham Zahran:
01-Roland Klinkenberg - What's The Point (Original Mix)
02-Jose Amnesia feat.Jennifer Rene - Louder (Original Mix)
03-Cosmic Gate - Should Have Known (Wippenberg Remix)
04-Lange Presents Firewall Feat. Jay D - Looking Too Deep (Lange Mix)
05-Vadim Zhukov - Talking to A God (Probspots God Remix)
06-Roy Hayumi - Sanative Way (Aurosonic Weekend mix)
07-Nick Thompson - Strategos (Original Mix)
08-Andy Moor vs. Orkidea - YearZero (Andy Moor's First Light Mix)
09-Cara Dillon vs. 2Devine - Black Is The Colour (Above & Beyond's Divine Intervention Remix)
10-Luminary - Dark Eyes (Funabashi pres. Tom Porcell Mix)
11-Armin van Buuren.vs Rank 1 feat. Kush - This World Is Watching Me
12-Kuffdam And Plant - The Ones We Loved (Dogzilla Re
13-Filo & Peri feat. Fisher - Ordinary Moment ( B & B Mix)
14-Armin feat Gabriel Dresden Zocalo (Niklas Harding Remix)
15-Black Pearl - Bounty Island (DJ Shah's San Antonio Harbour Mix)

CD 2 Sunnteck:
01. Miika Leinonen pres Denver - End Of Days (Soliquid Deep Mix)
02. Lolo - Teddybear's Escape (Original Mix)
03. Tilt feat Maria Naylor - Angry Skies (Cressida Remix)
04. Andre Visior - Skyline (Funabashi Club Remix)
05. Cosmic Gate - Guess Who?
06. Funabashi vs Deepsky - Ghost In The Daylight (Sunnteck Mashup)
07. LNQ - People I Used To Know (LNQ Jubilee Mix)
08. Super8 & Tab - Won't Sleep Tonight (Moody Dub Mix)
09. Will Holland vs Six Senses - Frantic (Estiva Remix)
10. Far & Away - Solstice (Original Mix)
11. Amphiby & Spiral Motion - Eyes Of Ice (Original Mix)
12. Bolier & Coenraad - Mohawk
13. Kamil Polner - Soul Cure (Extended Mix)
14. Mystery Islands & Harmasala pres K-DE - Where Are The Monsters
15. Sunny Lax - Mira (Original Mix)

CD 3 Rinspeed:
01. Santoz - Inmemory (Original Mix)
02. Will Holland vs Activa - Amnesia (Original Mix)
03. 3rd Moon - Diving in the Sky
04. Super8 vs DJ Tab - Helsinki Scorchin (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)
05. Luke Terry - Oblivion
06. Static Blue - Under The Sea (Oliver Leighs Mix)
07. Solarscape - Ronski Speed with Stoneface & Terminal - Alive
08. Mainfield - Land of Fantasy (Club Mix)
09. Gerry Cueto - Blue (Luke Terry And Chris Shepherd Remix)
10. Static Blue - Going Home (Tenthu Remix)
11. C-Quence - Final Thoughts (Galen Behr Remix)
12. Firestorm - Afterworld (Akira Kayosa Remix)
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DragonOpticlightning IBIZA BABY wrote on December 1st, 2006
Tracklist plz :)
Mfathy user wrote on December 1st, 2006
amazingggggg tracklist zahran,keep rockinnn it :thumbsup:
orp user wrote on December 1st, 2006
yeah tracklists rock, altho the songs are almost in every list nowadays ;(
MuscleTechstarvip monsteronjuice wrote on December 1st, 2006
cheeers guys I personally don't like trance but I'm sure this one will be off the hook  :yes:
AZ !MiNiLiCiOuS! wrote on December 1st, 2006
Great Work Guys Amazing As Always Keep It Up  :-)
Harkonnenlightning The Evil One wrote on December 1st, 2006
:thankyou: Real nice work man!!!  :djing:  :djing:  :djing:
fido84lightning Power User wrote on December 2nd, 2006
thanks a lot!!! very good music! :-D  :yoji:
stukadlightning Power User wrote on December 5th, 2006
Thank you. Great sets! :-)
moemen99999lightning AlWaYs SeEdInG wrote on December 6th, 2006
Thank you. Great set! :-)
amr02 user wrote on December 9th, 2006
:-D Thank you. Great set! :-)
DODGE Superstar DJ wrote on December 16th, 2006
thanks a lot!!! very good music! :-D
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