Chris Bau - MindControl 147 on TM Radio - 31-Jan-2019

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this set's tracklist:
01 F. Gazza & Juan De La Higuera - At Sync (Original mix)
02 Rone White, Joe Vanditti - Say What (Original Mix)
03 Ruze - Fiyah (Original Mix)
04 Anderblast - Metamorfosi (Original Mix)
05 Luigi Rocca - Holies (Original Mix)
06 Leftwing, Kody - Telepathy (Original Mix)
07 Alessio Cala' - Cut Off (Original Mix)
08 Assel - Sundar Rakhim (Original Mix)
09 Joy Marquez, Sonar D'zak - Belembe (Original Mix)
10 Adrian Oblanca - Kn-44 (Original Mix)
11 Chus & Ceballos, Rafa Barrios feat. Cari Golden - Now or Never (Original Mix)
12 Juan Illana - Gods (Original Mix)
13 Luca Debonaire, Jose - I'll Be There (Original Mix)
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