PatriZe, Difstate - After Hours 267 on TM Radio - 15-Jul-2017

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Olafur Arnalds - So Far (Nishan Lee Unofficial Gloome Mix) [White]
Sohrab G. - Evening Glow (Silinder Remix) [Soundteller Records]
Luka Sambe - Becoming (Original Mix) [Juicebox Music]
Robert R. Hardy - Omnia (Original Mix) [Soul Art Recordings]
Robert R. Hardy - Persecuted (Original Mix) [Soul Art Recordings]
Robert R. Hardy - Changes (Original Mix) [Soul Art Recordings]
Michael A - These Heights (Original Mix) [Genesis Music]
Cid Inc - Arcane Thoughts (Original Mix) [Replug]
Cid Inc - Shifter (Original Mix) [Replug]
Michael A - Curiosity (Original Mix) [Genesis Music]


01.East Cafe - False Visions (Controlwerk Remix) [Particles]
02.Yuriy From Russia - Chase (DJ Beat2 Remix) [3rd Avenue]
03.Sebastian Busto - Bad Man in Heaven (GMJ 'Heaven on Earth' Remix) [PHW Elements]
04.East Cafe - One Silent Cloudburst (Original Mix) [MNL]
05.Ampish - Nevada (Original Mix) [Bad Pony]
06.Blusoul - Modular Memories (Original Mix) [Lost & Found]
07.Matan Caspi - Kinetoscope (Original Mix) [Outta Limits]
08.Jackie Mayden - Raver Crystals (Original Mix) [90watts]
09.Michael A - Talisman (Original Mix) [Sudbeat Music]
10.Nifra - Army of Lights feat. Seri (Solid Stone Remix) [Coldharbour Recordings]
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