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about the radio

Insomniafm is a digital radio who offers a free platform to promote various shows and your DJ/producer career.

Monthly artists shows
Electronic music shows : Progressive, Tech, Techno , Trance , Break Beat , Electro and House.
Relaxing music shows : Chillout , Down-tempo , Ambient , Lounge , Deep , Funky , Jazz
The electronic music monthly shows will start on Tuesday and will end on Saturday.

Insomniafm Podcast provides high-quality mixes , news, and other relevant information about DJs.
All content is provided free-of-charge with the intent to allow anyone interested in electronic music to listen , download and read the articles about our →» read more...
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zipitchulightning Power User wrote on August 15th, 2015
Imsonnia fm a underrated radio!!!

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