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download dj mix Javi Reina-Especial Rock Star Records (Maxima FM)-SAT-19-05-2013-EiTheLMP3.torrent

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Javi Reina-Especial Rock Star Records (Maxima FM)-SAT-19-05

I n f o

Supplier ... : EiTheLMP3.TEAM
Ripper ..... : EiTheLMP3.TEAM
Release Date : 20 05 2013

Source ..... : Satellite
Grabber .... : Exact Audio Copy V1.0 Beta 3 Win32
Encoder .... : LAME (Lame Aint an MP3 Encoder)
Quality .... : Avg. 208Kbps / 44,1kHz / Joint-Stereo

Artist ..... : Javi Reina
Title ...... : Especial Rock Star Records (Maxima FM)-SAT-1
Music Genre. : House
Release Year : 2013
Record Label : n/a
Catalog Num. : n/a
Internet URL : n/a

R e l e a s e . N o t e s

T r a c k l i s t

01. Especial Rock Star Records                       60:50
(Maxima FM)-SAT-19-05-2013


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sound qualitySAT / VBR
file-size90.83 MB (95,242,243 bytes)
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info hash1fd0f20df145a5cabcbca99ff2387ae0ca343b52
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00-javi_reina-especial_rock_star_records_(maxima_fm)-sat-19-05-2013-eithel.m3u0.08 kBn/a
00-javi_reina-especial_rock_star_records_(maxima_fm)-sat-19-05-2013-eithel.nfo26.91 kBn/a
00-javi_reina-especial_rock_star_records_(maxima_fm)-sat-19-05-2013-eithel.sfv0.09 kBn/a
01-javi_reina-especial_rock_star_records_(maxima_fm)-sat-19-05-2013-eithel.mp390.80 MB http://ul.to/zhtr128f
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